Hello everyone, it's my personal blog. It's a journey of my life. A place where I share my thought to all of you guys. Let me tell you a glimpse of my journey as a blogger. Well, I started to blog since June, 2009. I deactivated my first blog then I continued to own FROGGBABY in November, 2011 =D . I use Indonesian or English in writing, it depends on my mood which language I want to do in my post.

Some people asked me why I named my blog as FROGGBABY. It sounds weird, right? but my answer is "BEING NORMAL IS BORING". I think a lot about url's name and I guessed FROGGBABY is the best.

Here I write about my activity, my favorite things, my thoughts, and many more. Just like another blogger, I'm friendly enough for you. If you want to comment, just comment but please make a good comment not a spam. You can call me Lisa, it's my name. and for you who wanna know about me more, just click ABOUT THE AUTHOR . Thank you.

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