Yogya and Us

I have passed fascinating experience about “live In” activity this year. That is the one of school event which is held during 5 days. Live in program was located in Central of Java, Temanggung. Well, I enjoyed it soooo much. I interested with that and I have stories to tell about during in Kalimanggis Village.

First, informally I would rather to share my trip during in the bus. I had seat in the bus “B” with my homeroom friends. I sat with Amei, my classmate buddy in XI Science 2. 
Behind our seats, there were Catherine and Kharisma.

We had seats nearby. We talked a lot during the trip. Also we sang songs. Luckly, Hopin Freedrick from XI Science 1 brought a guitar and he played it during our journey toward to Temanggung. We had so much fun on the bus. Plus, I could not sleep well because of the sounds of people laugh. We stopped in gas station or rest area just for awhile then we continued our trip again.

After 15 hours on the road, we reached Kalimanggis village. We were at there at 4 a.m. and the first place we visited was monastery. I was getting in monastery upper. Some of participants were in monastery bottom. There are 2 village in section upside and section bellow. The distance between the two villages is not too far away. It can be reached in 5 minutes by motorcycle.

At 5 a.m., our teacher gave information and briefing. The sky was still dark and the air was very cold. Briefing only less than an hour. At 6.10 a.m., we were submitted to our adoptive parent for 2 days ahead .

In that Village, I was with my homeroom buddies. We were Catherine, Kharisma, Septiana, and I. My adoptive parent during there was Mbah Romiah. She was so kind and nice to us. She lived with her son that have got married. The son has a children name Rima. So that Mbah Romiah is a Grandma. Mbah Romiah doesn’t have husband anymore because her husband has already passed away some years ago. Now, she only lives with her son, her daughter-in-law, and her grandchildren. Her other family such as sister, brother, and her aunt living nearby. In that village, neighbors are mostly still have close relation. They can be a family or neighbors at the same time.

First day in Mbah Romiah’s house, my team and I were welcomed by her family. Rima and Mbah Romiah told us where our room. After my team and I had put our suitcases, we took a bath in turns. While waiting, I swept the house, checked flocks in the backyard, and trolling around Mbah's House. After all my team had took a bath, we got Breakfast at 8.30 a.m. . Afterwards, we were going to rice fields, chili garden, and other places to help Mbah Romiah. We picked chili, grew vegetables, trolling whole village, borrow motorcycle, went to other team houses, and many more. I was being a farmer girl and also a villager. I was wearing something funny. By doing that, I tried not to complain about how sun would make my skin looks tanner. I laughed and played with my friends and Mbah Romiah told us many things there. It was such a tiring day but we had so much fun. At night, we had dinner and any conversation with our new family. We slept earlier because we would help Mbah Romiah in the second day.

In days two, either I or my team woke up at 5.30 a.m. .We were doing our morning routine in Mbah Romiah’s House. This time, we walked uphill into the woods to look for animal feeds. We also visited pineapple garden, cocoa trees, palm trees, and many more. Days two was more incredible than before. I was home round 3-4 p.m. and got exhausted with my friends. it was the best experience over my life to explore the whole village I’ve never been before.

At night, we had Live In event in monastery. It was held at 06.30 p.m., my team and I arrived punctual. There were some performances, gift offering, and many more on that time. It was pretty crowded but so worth it. I can say it was the best moment of our Live In program. In our togetherness, we snapped our moment with our friends and we danced by forming a circle. After that, we back to our adoptive family house in late of night.

The next morning, we had to continue our trip to other places so that we separated with our family during in Kalimanggis Village. We felt kinda sad because we had to say good bye and thanks to them for every things that we passed, value we learn during 3 days 2 night in their environment. It was literally precious. I learn that how we have to appreciate foods because we have known how to plant it, grow it, and pick it. That is actually not as easy as we thought. The distance from house to the fields is quite far. Plus, I felt the difference sense of family atmosphere in the village is more warmth. I learn so much from this activity. If I have a chance to do Live In again, I will surely wanna join this again. So interresting!

With Catherine and Mbah Romiah :)
Our activity in a small house for the first :p
The Environtment. Cold everynight :3
Our room. Me and my friends slept there. Not a big place but quite comfortable ^^
I was going to River ;)
First day in Kalimanggis, My friends and I helped Mbah Romiah in Chili Garden ^^ Amazing Experience!
Days 2. Went to hill to revoke grass for seaching fodder ^^
Catherine and Kharisma were narcist too!! :p
Days 2. Live In Night event in the Village
With my room mate friends before leaving the village, with Mbah Romiah and her grandchildren
Meet my closest friend again hehe ^^
With DPC gangster, my closest friends too! ^^
When all my friends really annoying and noisy, she took a #selfie hahaha
With my assignments groups. From the left are Fransiska, Yovita, Gita, Sherly, Kharisma, and I ;)

Nah guys, it was about 2 days I was in Temanggung, in the afternoon we were heading to Yogyakarta. First place we visited was Prambanan Temple. My closest friends and I were separated along in Prambanan so I was only with Silvi Groups and DPC gang. We took pictures and meet foreign. Talked a lot about culture and many things. Bellow I share some shots in Prambanan Temple (only some, I'm lazy to upload all, hehe)

The weather was very hot, it made my face looked red (look at the pictures-__-) and also, I was so thirsty! The mineral water was expensive though haha but never mind, it was fun! All is fun! I laughed a lot during in Prambanan temple because my friends were doing silly things ;D. Sadly, it was only 2 hours before we have to got back to the bus and continue our journey to Parangtritis beach.

I remember in the bus when we were on the way to Parangtritis Beach, my friends keep on their joking could make me can’t sleep and join to their jokes conversation. I got bullied too because of that ;D really, I was super tired but yeah I just wanna fun with them.


We finally reached Parangtritis beach at 05.20 PM, we came late. I just went beach along 20 minutes.. I forget about what happen on the beach but I have some shots there with my friends, lol, we tried levitations mode but failed anyways -_- hehe

After beach, we stayed in the hotel at night. We got hotel far from the beach and just arrived about 8.30 pm. I think the hotel have a good perks for us. Fyi, I took a bath first because I feel uncomfortable with my body ;”( after took a bath, I have dinner with my friend. I went to Malioboro with them too, it was the best night I have ever done with my friends...  hehe (some content I don’t tell here were the most special and the happiest things I’ve done but I have to cut my story anyways :p). 

In the morning, we left our hotel and continue our journey to Istana Keraton. Huh sadly I did not take some shots there with my friends ;( (skip thisss) .

From Keraton, we were heading to Borobudur temple. It was rain in Magelang, so I rent umbrella during in Borobudur ;D

The last destinations was Mendut Temple. But we arrived in Mendut very late so it's hard to take a picture and raining was heavily :(

This night we slept on the bus. We were toward to our hometown, Tangerang

our bus arrived at 2pm. At home, my bags and luggage weren't touched anymore. I felt so sleepy hahaha. And last but not least, I enjoyed this trip sooooo much! ;D


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