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Me, myself, and I.

I sometimes wondering what people are thinking about myself whenever I tell them something that I'm excited about. Is that interesting to them? Or any else? I'm so confused. I always been make a wrong decision on how I shouldn't tell but ended I let them out of my mouth. I have ever read someone writes : "Don't tell anyone whole of your story. First because they won't care, second They may doubt about the truth."
Well, it's true but back to my opinion, I'm not literally agree. In my case, when I tell someone especially my friend about my story, I think I'm happy that I can share it to them futher if it was about an intersting stuffs. Since I was in basic age, I have a friend that I believe they would not betray me by keep my privacy out to the public, so that I have only one that can be my truly best friend. And in my age now, I never have such branch of group (genk) that always special to sharing togetherness. I'm always only have interca…