I love reading, don't you? ;)

I love reading since I was little young. You know, I can read a sentence well since I was 4 years old. On that period, I do love reading a magazine, obviously a kid magazine. A week once, my mom bought me a Bobo Magazine "Majalah Bobo" for me becauseee I likee Nirmala figure and Paman gembul on the story. I was only a four years old baby, but I started to "AAAAA PAAA MAAAN GEEE MMMM BUULL" yeah so that I forgot how I spell it -_- . My mom taught me read everyday and I could read quickly than my other friend in kindergarten.

By the way, I started school when I was 2 years old, and now I'm lucky be younger in the class. Hehe, my junior who doesn't know this will still calling me "Kak Lisa/ cici lisa" and I'm just so hmmmmpp yeah whatever I don't really care about being older or so on.. and later, when my peer group get Citizen Card, I will just waiting until next year, and my driving card (SIM) isssss same way either T__T so yeah, it's all about waiting until my sweet seventeen comes. LOL, back to sharing topic, well well I love reading Magazine.. up to now! First magazine that I really love was Bobo. Level up onto Middle school, I moved to Gadis Magazine "Majalah Gadis" . Then now,  I started choose GoGoGirl! Magazine as my favorite one. I collect magazine in my room, and sometimes my father tells me to tidy up my room as often as possible because it looks too messy :PP hehehe

In addition, I read such a novel and comics too. 
In elementary school, I'm a gamer and comicers freak (lalala idk the name -,-) :DD. I read my favorite ---> Naruto and Conan, then many more comics owned by my friends that time I borrowed. I was not like girls in general, I was more boy-ish, I wasn't play barbie, I hated pink, I climbed a tree and played Harvest Moon with my boy friends after school ends up. Supeer fun.. If I could go back, I will do it right now hahaha. Back then, my childhood was incredible.. I miss them so much.. xPP

me and my best friend xP btw miss him sooo much hehehe

Then, when I was in middle school.. I love reading novel. Such as: Romantic, fiction, Science Fiction, Action, Non-Fiction, many more~ and now, I'm moving into a wide range of interesting books. :)) In XI Science 2, I'm lucky that having class which near a library so I can go to library effortlessly everyday :'). I sometimes escape my class (please don't copy my bad habit –") just for complated my favorite book that really really interesting :DD

so, how about you guys? Let me know glimpse of story about your favorite? It would be nice to sharing each other here, hehe have a nice day! ;)


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