After my friends talked a lot about ROBOT yesterday, I guess I will making a post about them.

Let me share some photos bellow..

Robot Pomp and Circumstance
Gambar Robot perawat
Gambar Robot koki
Gambar Robot NASA
Gambar Robot ASIMO

Robot is a machine that looks like a human being and perform various complex acts that guided by computer program or electronic circuitry.

In this era, we've known that robot can helps many things to human life such as research material and many more. They are also can be more friendly nowadays. Some of them able to speaking into 2 language even more. I love the way they are walking. Oh.... They are so cute and kawaii >.< . I have ever seen some of them are dancing several years ago. That was japanese robot, the name is HRP -4C . And here I embed the video just for you guys!

Look! It's awesome. I bet some of you have ever watched before, xx it almost perfect, huhu aren't I??

I wish, I have one robot to be my best friend like Nobita in Doraemon film. Haha, such a freak imagination, right? But who knows if it could be happened in the future, perhaps? ;)
Just believe it!! 

Gaming concept art works

Well, it's TRANSFORMERS. My favorite robotic film after my childhood DORAEMON which exist every sunday morning in television. LOOOLL, I'm not kidding anyway hehehe... I'm still love both =))

Is there anyone love Transformer here? If yes, so that I have new member robotic lovers xoXO okay, It's enough.. see you in another post and have a nice day all! :)


  1. cool robot!!!


  2. wow soo interesting post ! I really like it ;)

  3. hey nice post! :) do you like robots like a lot? if you do, you must be the coolest girl I've ever known. haha
    Don't feel hesitate to visit my blog. Anyway, since we all know that GFC is shutting down (isn't it?), if it is would you like to follow each other via bloglovin? but if it isn't GFC will be fine, thank you :D

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    1. Are you sure?
      I do follow you via bloglovi'.
      Thanks Diaz! =)

  4. Anonim30/6/13

    robotttttttt, i love them

  5. omg that dancing robot was amazing!!
    cool post, thanks Lisa for sharing about robot!<3
    oh and i following you back :p

  6. Hello again. sure I hope so! :) anyway thanks for the compliment. I have followed you back on bloglovin' and what about following each other via GFC too? I have followed you, hope you'll follow me back in return (banyak mau ye hahaha) thank you :D

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    1. I'm following you! :)
      Oh no problem Kak Diaz, I like friendly blogger ^^

  7. I love doraemon too! But I don't think I've ever though of Doraemon as a robot..hmm.. The saddest robot movie I've ever seen is AI starring Joel Osment. You should see it if you really like robots.
    btw, I just followed you in bloglovin and GFC, care to follow back?

    A Hint of Sunlight

    1. Wow, I gotta watch later!
      Thanks Ile! =)

  8. Thank you for following me, follow you back already :)

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