Menampilkan postingan dari Juni, 2013


After my friends talked a lot about ROBOT yesterday, I guess I will making a post about them.

Let me share some photos bellow..
Robot Pomp and Circumstance

Look! It's awesome. I bet some of you have ever watched before, xx it almost perfect, huhu aren't I??
I wish, I have one robot to be my best friend like Nobita in Doraemon film. Haha, such a freak imagination, right? But who knows if it could be happened in the future, perhaps? ;) Just believe it!! 

Well, it's TRANSFORMERS. My favorite robotic film after my childhood DORAEMON which exist every sunday morning in television. LOOOLL, I'm not kidding anyway hehehe... I'm still love both =))
Is there anyone love Transformer here? If yes, so that I have new member robotic lovers xoXO okay, It's enough.. see you in another post and have a nice day all! :)