Dilemma between Science or Social? -_-

My raport result has came out and I must say THANK GOD, I'm constant including 10 top score in my school! Really can't believe, I throught my score will come down but I optimism I could. I wish I have unforgettable moment in school life, although I'm not always get the best in class, at least I don't want to make my parents disappointed. I know I'm not genius, neither clever so I have to HARD WORK AGAIN in this semester.

Besides, class XI will determine me to be a Science or Social student. For me, both majors are interest :3. Until now I'm still confused what I will choose, actually I love all lessons (stop! i'm not lying right now!)  despite I'm still have remedial any times. I love to find out knowledge, I have biggest curious of many things. Science or Social, this is dilemma options. If I can, I will choose to be Literature student, but in my school we just have 2 options, Science or Social. My teacher asks me, but sadly I haven't  decided yet. I'm going to ask my parents, they said I have to make my own decision. My future sitting in my hand. I'm doubt I will choose wrong options and get regrets after, oh no! I hope ain't destroy my future. I must consistant study if I have choosen either of Science or Social.

For me, science and social are the same, it depends how we treat them. Some people once say: "If you choose Social class, u'll be lazy and your brain will never develops 'cause social class never teach you how to think rough." What? Oh please, your opinion is sucks. I think not all social student as lazy as some dumbest people said. Sorry but I disagree what racist people say. Also, some opinion say: "if you choose science class, you'll be depressed. Imagine if you have studied but the result never be as maximal as you want. You'll be more disappointed." WELL, racist people like that just see about negativity of something. Look, you will never touch your phone if science doesn't exist. Your mind is too narrow, don't you think, everybody have their ability to survive without discriminating. Poor to people who think too narrow and racist, just do your business as well, don't distrub anybody else. Pardon me guys, I will try to be more patiently while writing, lol =) hehe

I hope, we can respect everybody because basically we need each other. Well, have a nice day guys!! ^__^


  1. I'm one of billion student who gettin confused about that hahaha


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