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Dilemma between Science or Social? -_-

My raport result has came out and I must say THANK GOD, I'm constant including 10 top score in my school! Really can't believe, I throught my score will come down but I optimism I could. I wish I have unforgettable moment in school life, although I'm not always get the best in class, at least I don't want to make my parents disappointed. I know I'm not genius, neither clever so I have to HARD WORK AGAIN in this semester.

Besides, class XI will determine me to be a Science or Social student. For me, both majors are interest :3. Until now I'm still confused what I will choose, actually I love all lessons (stop! i'm not lying right now!)  despite I'm still have remedial any times. I love to find out knowledge, I have biggest curious of many things. Science or Social, this is dilemma options. If I can, I will choose to be Literature student, but in my school we just have 2 options, Science or Social. My teacher asks me, but sadly I haven't  decided yet. …


I love capturing my self with the camera because my face will not exposed, lol

Sometimes, I use my tripod to help me to take a pic, but I love taking my own pics in front of a MIRROR ;)

I take my pic in my messy room. I'm lazy to go out for hunting pic....

Despite it was dark!!!

I love my (gloomy) room. I love the red color, because it's always BURNING!! Agree?

These pics was taken 2 weeks ago before I went to party. Sorry readers, I was not  update my blog because at the time I had test. Sooo, have a new spirit MONDAY everyone! :)