Happy, Free, Confused, and Lonely at the same time

My holiday time will be over tomorrow! Ohhhh T__T I can't believe. In other side actually I have missed my friends at school and miss to do craziness things in the class. Well, senior high school period has super hectic and amazing moment. Sometimes I hate when my teacher gives me a lot of assignment to do and sometimes I love when my friends more super friendly and caring to me.. so that's why I said super hectic and amazing moment ;)

Last night I was really super bored with homework. That's too difficult to understand, I throught I will do my homework with my friends on monday. And so I pick up my camera and took gorgeous pics of me.. hehe I think, when we are stress, better we pause and move to another things, do someting which can be amusing ourself.

No, It's not about fashion pic. I just intend to dolled up my self ;)

I create a quotes..
Anyway it's mean : "Eyes can see what they can see."
HOW FREAK! Ewh~ hahaha ;)


Nicely. So what do you think? ;)
I have ever said, "I do what I love" 
btw and after that I studied again.
And go slept well hehehe..

After all....
Thank you for reading guys, BON WEEKEND !


  1. Anonim10/3/13

    anyway your blog name is so funny

  2. Ugh, going back to school sucks! But your dress is gorgeous!


  3. lovely photos! School life will be so hectic but enjoy it to memorized. Anyway you're so cute!

    1. Always, I love my school life <3
      Thanks Damayanty! =)

  4. Lovely dress! I think it's lovely that you want to doll up for reading. Good luck with your school starting again. I'm sure you'll have nice memories from it.
    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog.

    1. Aw, Thank You! By the way yeah I just found your blog =)

  5. Lovely outfit!


  6. Love your floral dress<3 How can I follow you babe? I just came across your blog :) Would you mind checking out our blog & if you like, following back via GFC and Bloglovin'? Looking forward to your next post! xx


    1. You can't follow my blog because I don't embed "followers" table to follow my blog, if you don't mind just click 'like' to support this blog via FB ;)
      Aw Thank You! Please to visit yours too =)

  7. Ini blog lu lisss?
    Kece abis smph, ahaha
    trus tumblr lu ga skrg?

    1. Makasih San!
      Duh, g bukan anak tumblr jd udah malez pakenya haha =)

  8. such a pretty dress!

  9. dear, your dress is gorgeous! could you show more about ur dress? <3 have a great day, and good luck for ur mid term exam!

    Capturing Reves

    1. Thanks Helena! =)
      Hm.. next time (maybe) I will dress up and post more about fashion. Stay tunned ;)

      ps : I'm not a fashion blogger anyway hehe :)


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