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Happy, Free, Confused, and Lonely at the same time

My holiday time will be over tomorrow! Ohhhh T__T I can't believe. In other side actually I have missed my friends at school and miss to do craziness things in the class. Well, senior high school period has super hectic and amazing moment. Sometimes I hate when my teacher gives me a lot of assignment to do and sometimes I love when my friends more super friendly and caring to me.. so that's why I said super hectic and amazing moment ;)
Last night I was really super bored with homework. That's too difficult to understand, I throught I will do my homework with my friends on monday. And so I pick up my camera and took gorgeous pics of me.. hehe I think, when we are stress, better we pause and move to another things, do someting which can be amusing ourself.

*edit-edit-edit* No, It's not about fashion pic. I just intend to dolled up my self ;)

I create a quotes.. Anyway it's mean : "Eyes can see what they can see." HOW FREAK! Ewh~ hahaha ;)

Nicely. So …